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Course codes starting with

PARA1101 Introduction to Law & Ethics
PARA2203 Civil Litigation
PARA2205 Legal Research and Writing
PARA2207 Criminal Litigation
PARA2209 Business Organization
PARA2211 Computers in the Law
PARA2213 Real Estate Law
PARA2221 Bankruptcy/Debtor-Creditor Rel
PARA2222 Occupational Internship
PARA2223 Wills, Trusts and Probate Law
PARA2225 Family Law
PARA2227 Health Care Law
PARA2229 Intellectual Property Law
PARA2231 Administrative Law
PARA2233 Employment Law
PARA2235 Law Office Skills
PARA4020 Advanced Civil Litigation
PARA4030 Advanced Legal Research
PARA4098 Paralegal Practicum
PARA4850 Paralegal Capstone Course
PHIL1001 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL2010 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL2201 Intro to World Philosophy
PHIL2401 Introduction to Aesthetics
PHIL2601 Ethics/Hist./Cntmpry.Pers
PHIL3200 Ancient Philosophy
PHIL3301H Ethics/Hist./Cntmp. Pres.-Hon.
PHIL3400 Medieval Philosophy
PHIL3600 Modern Philosophy
PHIL3800 Contemporary Philosophy
PHIL4200 Philosophy and Religion
PHIL4400 Philosophy of Culture
PHIL4600 Logic and Philosophy
PHIL4900 Directed Study
PHIL5000 Classics in Philosophy
PHYS1111 Introductory Physics I
PHYS1111L Introductory Physics Lab I
PHYS1112 Introductory Physics II
PHYS1112L Introductory Physics Lab II
PHYS1211K Principles Physics I and Lab
PHYS2211 Principles of Physics I
PHYS2211L Principles of Physics Lab I
PHYS2212 Principles of Physics II
PHYS2212L Principles of Physics Lab II
PHYS2454 Statics
PHYS3213 Prin of Physics III - Modern
PHYS3214 Classical Mechanics
PHYS3223 On-Campus Internship
PHYS3224 Introductory Research
PHYS3650 Modern Physics
PHYS3650L Modern Physics Laboratory
PHYS4215 Electricity and Magnetism I
PHYS4216 Methods of Mathematical Phys
POLS1101 American Government
POLS1101H American Govt. - Honors
POLS2101 Intro to Political Science
POLS2401 Intro to Global Issues
POLS3212 State & Local Government
POLS3320 Public Policy
POLS3323 Comparative Politics
POLS3343 Principles of Public Admin.
POLS3350 International Relations
POLS3360 The U.S. Congress
POLS3370 The US Presidency
POLS3380 Interest Groups & Pol. Parties
POLS3382 Women and Politics
POLS3385 Campaigns and Elections
POLS3386 Mass Media and Politics
POLS4412 Urban Affairs and Problems
POLS4420 Political Philosophy
POLS4421 Amer.Pol.Thought 1620-Present
POLS4422 African Amer Political Thought
POLS4424 Judicial Process
POLS4425 Constitutional Law
POLS4426 Civil Liberties
POLS4427 Equal Rights in America
POLS4450 American Foreign Policy
POLS4451 Politics of Europe
POLS4452 Politics of Asia
POLS4453 Politics of Africa
POLS4454 Politics of the Middle East
POLS4455 Politics of Latin America
POLS4480 Practicum - Poltical Science
POLS4490 Internship - Political Science
POLS4491 Internship/Practicum
POLS4500 Senior Seminar
POLS4501 Senior Thesis
POLS4800 Selected Topics - Pol. Science
POLS4900 Independent Study - Pol. Sci.
POLS5000 Great Political Thinkers
POLS5100 American Politics
POLS5110 Federalism
POLS5139 Public Law
POLS5155 Campaigns & Electoral Politics
POLS5170 Legislative Process
POLS5180 Presidential Politics
POLS5190 Studies in Politics - Topics
PSYC1101 Intro to General Psychology
PSYC2101 Psychology of Adjustment
PSYC2103 Intro to Human Development
PSYC2105 Statistics for Psychology
PSYC3110 Applied Psychology
PSYC3120 Intro-Therapeutic Intervention
PSYC3130 Social Psychology
PSYC3140 Crisis Intervention
PSYC3150 Group Dynamics
PSYC3160 Educational Psychology
PSYC3170 Psych. of African-American Exp
PSYC3180 Cross-Cultural Psychology
PSYC3210 Abnormal Child Psychology
PSYC3300 Ethics & Professional Issues
PSYC3350 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC3510 Psych. Testing and Measurement
PSYC3520 Theories of Personality
PSYC3530 Health Psychology
PSYC3560 Research Methods-Psychology
PSYC3800 Selected Topics in Psychology
PSYC3901 Intro-Field Work-Onsite Observ
PSYC4110 Psychology of Gender
PSYC4120 Physiological Psychology
PSYC4130 Intro to Cognitive Psychology
PSYC4160 Death and Dying
PSYC4170 Adv.Theor.-Psychoanaly./Exist.
PSYC4190 Adolescent Psychology
PSYC4490 Internship/Practicum in Psych.
PSYC4500 Senior Seminar & Internship
PSYC4540 Intro to Learning and Behavior
PSYC4550 Into to Program Evaluation
PSYC4560 Infancy
PSYC4590 Research Applications in Psych
PSYC4600 Applied Research Practicum II
PSYC4800 Selected Topics in Psychology
PSYC4900 Directed Readings - Psychology
PSYC4999A Senior Evaluation
PSYC4999B Senior Evaluation
PSYC5000 Advanced Development
PSYC5010 Ethics & Profestional Identity
PSYC5020 Cultural Issues in Applied
PSYC5040 Advanced Research Methods and
PSYC5050 Advanced Research Methods and
PSYC5160 The Helping Relationship
PSYC5170 Therapeutic Interventions I
PSYC5210 Cognitive Development
PSYC5220 Social & Emotional Development
PSYC5230 Biological Found of Behavior
PSYC5240 Agencies That Serve Children
PSYC5260 The Family System and Child
PSYC5270 The Ed System & the Child
PSYC5280 Dev. Disorders & Psychopath
PSYC5350 Adv Psychopathology & Diag
PSYC6100 Psychological Assessment I
PSYC6490 Internship for Applied Psyc
PSYC6995 Thesis Research