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Course codes starting with

MAED6200 Theory & Research in Math Educ
MAED6300 Int. in Teaching College Math
MAED6400 Dir. Research in Math Ed.
MALS5000 Intro. to Graduate Studies
MALS5800 Selected Topics/Liberal Studie
MALS6993 Master's Supervised Research
MALS6995 Master's Thesis Research
MALS6999 Master's Thesis Preparation
MATH0097 Elementary Algebra
MATH0099 Intermediate Algebra
MATH1101 Intro to Mathematical Modeling
MATH1111 College Algebra
MATH1112 Trigonometry & Analytic Geom
MATH1112A Trigonometry & Analytic Geom.
MATH1113 Pre-Calculus
MATH1221 Finite Mathematics
MATH1231 Introductory Statistics
MATH1241 Survey of Calculus
MATH1401 Introduction to Statistics
MATH1501 Calculus I
MATH2020 Introductory Discrete Math
MATH2140 Introductory Linear Algebra
MATH2502 Calculus II
MATH2503 Calculus III
MATH3003 Applied Mathematical Modeling
MATH3005 A Transition to Higher Math
MATH3010 Number Concepts & Relationship
MATH3010S Number Concepts & Relationship
MATH3020 Concepts of Algebra
MATH3020S Concepts of Algebra
MATH3030 Concepts of Geometry
MATH3099 Math Methods for Computer Sci
MATH3110 Survey of Algebra
MATH3220 Applied Statistics
MATH3303 Differential Equations
MATH3520 Introduction to Analysis
MATH3902 Math Applications for IT
MATH4010 Mathematical Problem solving
MATH4020 Concepts of Discrete Math.
MATH4050 Methods of Teaching Sec. Math
MATH4130 Applied Algebra
MATH4231 Modern Geometry
MATH4250 Elementary Number Theory
MATH4303 Partial Differential Equations
MATH4320 Numerical Methods
MATH4350 Graph Theory
MATH4360 Combinatorics
MATH4800 Selected Topics in Mathematics
MATH4988 Directed Undergrad Research
MATH4989 Senior Capstone Project
MATH4990 Senior Sem.: Project or Intern
MATH5010 Mod. Meth. of Teaching Math
MATH5100 History of Mathematics
MATH5130 Applied Algebra
MATH5220 Applied Statistics
MATH5231 Modern Geometry
MATH5250 Elementary Number Theory
MATH5520 Introduction to Analysis
MATH5800 Selected Topics in Mathematics
MATH6530 Real Analysis
MEDA1100 Medical Terminology
MEDA1101 Law & Ethics - Medical Office
MEDA1102 Body Structure & Function
MEDA1110 Medical Assisting Procedures
MEDA1120 Medical Coding I
MEDA1125 Medical Admin. Procedures
MEDA1130 Laboratory Procedures
MEDA1140 Diseases of the Human Body
MEDA1145 Human Psyc.- Medical Office
MEDA1150 Pharmacology- Medical Office
MEDA2208 Medical Billing
MEDA2220 Medical Coding II
MEDA2221 Medical Coding III
MEDA2222 Occupational Externship
MEDA2223 Medical Coding Occup. Extern.
MEDA2233 Selected Topics
MGMT3101 Mgmt. Prin. & Org. Behavior
MGMT3102 Performance/Quality Management
MGMT3105 Introduction to Transportation
MGMT3120 Managerial Communication
MGMT3520 Negotiation and Conflict Mgmt.
MGMT4101 Human Resource Management
MGMT4102 Organizational Behavior
MGMT4111 Leadership
MGMT4250 Women in Leadership
MGMT4302 Case Studies in Performance
MGMT4311 Entrepreneurship
MGMT4320 Creativity & Mgmt. of Change
MGMT4403 International Management
MGMT4510 Legal Issues in Human Resource
MGMT4725 Dean's Senior Seminar in Bus.
MGMT4750 Strategic Management
MGMT4800 Selected Topics in Management
MGMT4850 Internship/Cooperative Educ.
MGMT6100 Communication and Leadership
MGMT6101 Management-Change & Innovation
MGMT6102 Operations & Supply Chain Mgmt
MGMT6103 Field Problems-Logistics Syste
MGMT6104 Strategic Management
MGMT6105 Study Abroad
MGMT6106 Cross-Culture Negotiating
MKMC1120 Applied Selling
MKMC1140 Applied Advertsing Practice
MKMC2201 Applied Entrepreneurship
MKMC2222 Occupational Internship and/or
MKMC2261 Applied Mktg. on the Internet
MKMC2271 Visual Merchandising
MKMC2281 Applied Marketing Practices
MKTG3100 Personal Marketing
MKTG3101 Principles of Marketing
MKTG3302 Consumer Behavior
MKTG3312 Services Marketing
MKTG3420 Global Business
MKTG3520 Negotiation and Conflict Mgmt.
MKTG4104 Marketing Research & Analysis
MKTG4106 Advertising and Promotion Stra
MKTG4200 Sports Marketing
MKTG4207 Professional Selling
MKTG4420 International Marketing
MKTG4510 Retailing
MKTG4750 Marketing Management
MKTG4800 Selected Topics in Marketing
MKTG4850 Internship/Cooperative Educ.
MKTG6100 Marketing Strategy
MKTG6103 Global Marketing
MSL1010 Foundations of Officership
MSL1020 Basic Leadership
MSL2010 Individual Leadership Studies
MSL2020 Leadership & Teamwork
MSL3010 Mil Sci Lead & Prob Solving
MSL3020 Mil Sci Leadership & Ethics
MSL4010 Mil Sci Leadership & Mgmt
MSL4020 Military Science Officership
MUSC0890 Recital Attendance
MUSC1001 Introduction to Music Theory
MUSC1002 Music Fundamentals
MUSC1011 Music Theory I
MUSC1012 Music Theory II
MUSC1111 Aural Skills I
MUSC1112 Aural Skills II
MUSC1151 Class Piano I
MUSC1152 Class Piano II
MUSC1310 Class Voice
MUSC1330 Class Guitar
MUSC1500 Applied Music Secondary
MUSC1601 Composition I
MUSC1602 Composition II
MUSC1710 Major Ensemble
MUSC1761 Diction I
MUSC2011 Music Theory III
MUSC2012 Music Theory IV
MUSC2101 Music Appreciation
MUSC2111 Aural Skills III
MUSC2112 Aural Skills IV
MUSC2151 Class Piano III
MUSC2152 Class Piano IV
MUSC2301 Introduction to World Music
MUSC2400 Applied Music Secondary
MUSC2500 Applied Music Primary
MUSC2600 Composition III
MUSC2611 Music History I
MUSC2762 Diction II
MUSC2763 Diction III
MUSC2900 Intro. to Music Ed. and Tech.
MUSC2911 Jazz Theory I
MUSC2912 Jazz Theory II
MUSC3070 Tonal Counterpoint
MUSC3080 Scoring and Arranging
MUSC3101 History of Jazz
MUSC3102 History of Popular Music
MUSC3150 Keyboard Harmony
MUSC3220 Intro to Music Technology
MUSC3410 Major Ensemble
MUSC3430 Conducting
MUSC3450 String Methods and Materials
MUSC3451 Brass Methods and Materials
MUSC3452 Percussion Meth and Materials
MUSC3453 Woodwind Methods and Materials
MUSC3500 Applied Music for B.A.
MUSC3510 Chamber Ensembles
MUSC3530 Opera Production
MUSC3540 Musical Theater
MUSC3550 Accompanying
MUSC3612 Music History II
MUSC3613 Music History III
MUSC3620 Sacred Music History
MUSC3711 Art Song Literature I
MUSC3712 Art Song Literature II
MUSC3760 Orchestral Literature
MUSC3770 Chamber Music Literature
MUSC3780 Organ Literature
MUSC3811 Piano Literature I
MUSC3812 Piano Literature II
MUSC3820 Improvisation
MUSC3890 Junior Recital
MUSC3910 Elementary Music Meth.
MUSC3911 Secondary General Music Method
MUSC3921 String/Woodwind/Perc Meth/Mat
MUSC3970 Form and Analysis
MUSC4102 Politics of Music and Culture
MUSC4160 Music Business
MUSC4180 Advanced Scoring & Arranging
MUSC4220 Techiques-Electroacoustic Comp
MUSC4400 Applied Music BM Music Ed
MUSC4430 Advanced Conducting
MUSC4500 App Mus B.M. Perf or B.A.
MUSC4600 Advanced Composition
MUSC4700 Vocal Pedagogy
MUSC4710 Piano Pedagogy
MUSC4711 Organ Pedagogy
MUSC4890 Senior Recital
MUSC4900 Independent Study
MUSC4910 Choral Methods and Lit.
MUSC4922 Inst. Methods and Materials I
MUSC4923 Inst. Methods and Materials II
MUSC4930 Student Teaching
MUSC4990 Music Capstone
MUSC5000 Great Works in Music History