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Concepts of Geometry

MATH 3030

An exploratory approach to the study of plane, solid,
analytic, transofrmational, spherical and fractal geometry.
Specific topics include symmetries of plane figures
through rotations, reflections and translations;
construction of plane and solid figures (Polygons and
polyhedra); perimeter, area, surface area and volume;
triangle properties, including similarity and confruence
theorems; Pythagorean Theorem; comparison of Euclidean and
spherical geometry; locus of points; fractals; van Hiele
levels of geometric understanding; informal and formal
proof. Computer software will be used extensively.
Includes a laboratory/practicum component. Required for all
middle level teacher education students with a major
concentration in mathematics. It is recommended that a high
school level geometry course be taken prior to MATH 3010;
students who have not had high school geometry should
contact the Department of Mathematics for advice on
remediation well in advance of registration for this course.
Open to qualified students without credit for MATH 3010
by permission of the Head of the Mathematics Department.
MATH 3010 with a minimum US grade of C