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Course codes starting with

ECON1101 Survey of Economics
ECON2105 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON2106 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON4800 Selected Topics in Economics
ECON6100 Managerial Economics
EDUC2110 Invest. Critical/Contem. Issue
EDUC2120 Exploring Socio-Culture
EDUC2130 Exploring Learning & Teaching
EDUC2201 Introduction to Education
EDUC2202 Intro.Except.Children & Youth
EDUC3000 Teacher Education Seminar I
EDUC3001 Teacher Ed Curriculum Seminar
EDUC3010 Cognitive, Social/Affective
EDUC3020 Instructional Tech for Teacher
EDUC3030 Exploring-Exceptional Learner
EDUC3031 Adapt Instr for Excep Learners
EDUC3040 ELL Principles and Strategies
EDUC3100 Middle Level Teaching Methods
EDUC3200 Secondary Curr. & Assessment
EDUC3210 Classroom Methods & Mgmt.
EDUC3350 Instructional Strategies
EDUC4001 Teacher Educ. Seminar II
EDUC4002 Teacher Education Seminar III
EDUC4003 Secondary Level Seminar
EDUC4050 Cultural Perspecitves for ESL
EDUC4060 Applied Linguistics for ESL
EDUC4710 Middle Level Internship I
EDUC4711A Middle Level Intern. III-SCATP
EDUC4712 Middle Level Internship II A
EDUC4712A Middle Level Intern. III-B
EDUC4713A Middle Level Intern IV-A
EDUC4714A Middle Level Intern IV-B
EDUC4720 Middle Level Intern. II
EDUC4730 Secondary Level Internship
EDUC4800 Special Topics in Education
EDUC5100 Social & Cultural Awareness
EDUC5101 Exceptionalities/Cognitive Dev
EDUC5102 MAT Practicum
EDUC5200 Curriculum & Instruction
EDUC5201 Practicum II
EDUC5300 Internship Seminar
EDUC5301 Secondary School Internship
EDUC5400 Action Research
ENGL0099 English Skills
ENGL1101 English Composition I
ENGL1101H English Comp. I - Honors
ENGL1102 English Composition II
ENGL1102H English Comp. II - Honors
ENGL2111 World Literature I -Pre-Modern
ENGL2111H World Lit. I - Honors
ENGL2112 World Literature II - Modern
ENGL2112H World Lit. II-Honors
ENGL2121 British Literature I
ENGL2121H British Lit. I - Honors
ENGL2122 British Literature II
ENGL2122H British Lit. II - Honors
ENGL2131 American Literature I
ENGL2131H American Lit. I - Honors
ENGL2132 American Literature II
ENGL2132H American Lit II - Honors
ENGL2200 Literary London
ENGL3100 Intro to Literary Studies
ENGL3110 Introd to Writing Studies
ENGL3140 Intro to Visual Rhetoric
ENGL3200 History of English Language
ENGL3210 Advanced Grammar
ENGL3212 Advanced Composition
ENGL3220 Argumentative Writing
ENGL3300 Women and Literature
ENGL3410 African American Literature I
ENGL3420 African American Literature II
ENGL3501 Multicultural Literature
ENGL3510 Carribbean Literature
ENGL3600 Careers in Writing
ENGL3620 Postcolonial Literature
ENGL3650 Writing for Nonprofits
ENGL3700 Response to Writing
ENGL3800 Intro to Creative Writing
ENGL3900 Professional & Tech. Writing
ENGL3910 Professional Editing
ENGL4000 English Internship
ENGL4011 Critical Theory
ENGL4020 Methods in Teaching Literature
ENGL4030 Methods in Teaching Writing
ENGL4100 Amer. Colonial & Federal Lit.
ENGL4110 American Romanticism
ENGL4114 Adolescent Literature
ENGL4120 American Realism & Naturalism
ENGL4130 Southern Literature
ENGL4140 Modern American Literature
ENGL4150 Contemporary American Lit.
ENGL4200 Medieval Literature
ENGL4210 Renaissance Literature
ENGL4221 Seventeenth Century Literature
ENGL4222 Eighteenth Century Literature
ENGL4241 Romantic Literature
ENGL4242 Victorian Literature
ENGL4250 Modern British Literature
ENGL4300 Advanced Poetry Writing
ENGL4315 Advanced Fiction Writing
ENGL4320 Adv Creative Nonfiction Wrtg
ENGL4610 Modern Poetry
ENGL4630 The Short Story
ENGL4700 Senior Thesis
ENGL4800 Selected Topics in English
ENGL4810 Special Topics in Women & Lit.
ENGL4820 Studies in Drama
ENGL4900 Directed Research
ENGL4950 Senior Capstone
ENGL5000 Great Books
ENGL5020 Methods of Teaching English I
ENGL5030 Methods of Teaching English II
ENGL5100 Literary Theory
ENGL5114 Lit of the Adolescent Experien
ENGL5120 19th Century Amer Lit&Culture
ENGL5130 Studies in Southern Lit.
ENGL5140 20th Century Amer Lit&Culture
ENGL5150 Studies in Shakespeare
ENGL5210 Studies in Renaissance Lit.
ENGL5250 19th Century British Lit
ENGL5260 20th/21st Century British Lit
ENGL5300 Literature by American Women
ENGL5350 Gender & Sexuality in Amer Lit
ENGL5400 African American Lit & Culture
ENGL5410 The African American Novel
ENGL5450 Race & Ethnicity in Amer Lit
ENGL5600 Composition Theory
ENGL5620 Postcolonial Theory & Lit
ENGL5700 Response to Writing
ENGL5710 Contemporary American Poetry
ENGL5720 Contemporary American Fiction
ENGL5730 Modern Drama
ENGL5800 Special Topics in Lit
ENGL6300 Internship Teaching Col. Eng.
ENGL6400 Directed Research in English
ENGL6995 Thesis Research
ENGL6999 Thesis Preparation
ENVS2202 Environmental Science
ETEC1101 Electronic Tech in Ed Envir.
EXLA2950 Alternating Cooperative Educ
EXLA2970 Alternating Cooperative Educ
EXLA2980 Alternating Cooperative Educ
EXLI2970 Internship
EXLI2980 Internship
EXLP2950 Parallel Cooperative Education
EXLP2970 Parallel Cooperative Education
EXLP2980 Parallel Cooperative Education