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Course codes starting with

CCSU1001 Acad. Research & Gen. Educ. I
CCSU1001B Acad. Research/Gen. Educ I-Bus
CCSU1002 Acad. Research & Gen. Educ. II
CCSU1002B Acad. Research/Gen. Educ II-Bu
CHEM1151 Survey of Chemistry I
CHEM1151L Survey of Chemistry Lab I
CHEM1152 Survey of Chemistry II
CHEM1152L Survey of Chemistry Lab II
CHEM1211 Principles of Chemistry I
CHEM1211K Principles of Chemistry I
CHEM1211L Principles of Chemistry Lab I
CHEM1212 Principles of Chemistry II
CHEM1212K Principles of Chemistry II
CHEM1212L Principles of Chemistry Lab II
CHEM2411 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM2411L Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM2412 Organic Chemistry II
CHEM2412L Organic Chemistry Lab II
CHEM2500 Sophomore Chemistry Seminar
CHEM3222 Off-Campus Internship
CHEM3223 On-Campus Internship
CHEM3224 Introductory Research
CHEM3400 Survey of Physical Chemistry
CHEM3411 Physical Chemistry I
CHEM3411L Physical Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM3412 Physical Chemistry II
CHEM3811 Analytical Chemistry
CHEM4110 Environmental Chemistry
CHEM4201 Advanced Organic Chemistry
CHEM4202 Biochemistry I
CHEM4202L Biochemistry Laboratory
CHEM4203 Biochemistry II
CHEM4204 Forensic Chemsitry
CHEM4205 Medicinal Chemistry
CHEM4206 Polymer Chemistry
CHEM4222 Chemistry Research Practicum
CHEM4301 Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM4302 Solid State Chemistry
CHEM4401L Advanced Lab I: Organic Synth.
CHEM4402L Advanced Lab II: Biochemistry
CHEM4403L Advanced Lab III: Inorganic
CHEM4411 Biophysical Chemistry
CHEM4412 Computational Chemistry
CHEM4500 Senior Chemistry Seminar
CHEM4700 Special Topics in Chemistry
CHEM4811 Instrumental Analysis
CHEM4811L Instrumental Analytical Lab
CHEM4812 Spectroscopy
CHEM4900 Biocomputing
CHEM4999A Senior Evaluation
CHEM4999B Senior Evaluation
CITZ1001 Citizenship
CMS2010 Introduction to Media Studies
CMS2100 Introduction to Film
CMS3020 Research Methods
CMS3101 Media and Culture
CMS3200 History of Communication
CMS3310 Film History
CMS3340 National Cinemas
CMS3400 Communication Law
CMS3500 Writing & Editing - Mass Media
CMS3710 Writing for Digital Media
CMS3720 New Media Design
CMS3810 Women and Popular Culture
CMS3901 Intern/Prac. in C.M.S.
CMS3902 Intern: Traning & Instruction
CMS3903 Advanced Media Production
CMS4310 Film Analysis and Criticism
CMS4320 Women and Film
CMS4330 Film Genres
CMS4410 Digital Video Production
CMS4450 Digital Video Post Production
CMS4500 Global Contexts in C.M.S.
CMS4560 Public Relations Prin. & Prac.
CMS4800 Selected Topics in CMS
CMS4810 Women and the Arts
CMS4900 Directed Research in CMS
CNET1101 Intro to Microcomputer Repair
CNET1103 Microcomputer Applications
CNET1105 Intro to Networking
CNET1109 Microsoft Windows I
CNET1110 Microsoft Windows II
CNET1120 Intro to Internetworking
CNET1130 Network Fundamentals and LANs
CNET1130L Network Fund. & LANs Lab
CNET1131 Routing and WAN Technologies
CNET1131L Routing and WAN Tech. Lab
CNET1132 CCNA Certification
CNET2109 Microsoft Windows III
CNET2110 Microsoft Windows IV
CNET2220 Switching & Interm. Routing
CNET2221 WAN Technologies
CNET2223 Computer Networking Capstone
CNET2225 Fundamentals of Wireless LANs
CNET2226 Fundamentals of IP Telephony
CNET2230 Introduction to Linux
CNET2330 Linux Installation & Adm
CNET2500 Intro to Routing & Switching
CNET3210 Advanced Routing
CNET3220 Multi-Layer Switching
CNET3230 Converged Wide Area Networks
CNET4110 IP Telephony
CNET4210 Network Security/Firewalls
CNET4240 Optimizing Converged Networks
CNET4250 Troubleshooting Converged Net.
CNET4310 Advanced Server Technology
CNET4800 Selected Topics in CNET
COMM1001 Presentational Speaking
COMM1002 Presentation Applications
COMM1100 Human Communications
COMM1110 Spoken Communication
COMM3100 Professional Speaking
COMM3300 Interpersonal Communication
COMM4100 Organizational Communication
COMM4510 Intercultural Communication
CPTG1010 Computing with Spreadsheets
CPTG1111 Introduction to Computing
CPTG2201 Adv. Computer Applications
CRIT1101 Critical Thinking
CRIT1101H Crittical Thinking - Honors
CRJU1150 Intro to Criminal Justice
CRJU3100 Criminology
CRJU3105 Criminology Theory
CRJU3110 Race and Crime
CRJU3120 Crime as Entertainment
CRJU3200 Law Enforcement
CRJU3210 Criminal Investigations
CRJU3220 Domestic Security
CRJU3230 Law Enforcement Admin.
CRJU3240 Law Enforcement & Community
CRJU3300 Corrections
CRJU3330 Community Corrections
CRJU3343 Prin. of Public Administration
CRJU3400 Courts in the United States
CRJU3410 Survey-Criminal Law/Procedures
CRJU3420 Constitutional Law
CRJU3510 Basic Data Recovery & Analysis
CRJU3600 Juvenile Justice
CRJU3700 Victimology
CRJU4200 Criminal Justice Ethics
CRJU4410 Comparative Criminal Justice
CRJU4420 Law and Society
CRJU4424 Judicial Process
CRJU4425 Capital Punishment
CRJU4426 Civil Liberties
CRJU4501 Research Methods & Policy Eval
CRJU4510 Cybercrime Law & Investigation
CRJU4520 Economic Crime Law & Invest.
CRJU4550 White Collar Crime
CRJU4700 Wirting and Research in CRJU
CRJU4800 Selected Topics-Crim. Justice
CRJU4901 Criminal Justice Internship I
CRJU4902 Criminal Justice Internship II
CSCI1100 Applied Computing
CSCI1301 Computer Science I
CSCI1302 Computer Science II
CSCI1371 Computing for Engineers
CSCI2101 Game Analysis I
CSCI2102 Gaming Analysis II
CSCI2302 Data Structures and Algorithms
CSCI2305 Computer Org. & Architecture
CSCI3300 Computer Ethics
CSCI3301 Game Design & Programming
CSCI3303 Comp.Organization/Architecture
CSCI3305 Operating Systems
CSCI3306 Computer Networks & Security
CSCI3310 Databases Design & Implement.
CSCI3320 Software Engineering Design
CSCI3333 Programming Languages
CSCI3503 Operating Systems
CSCI4301 Game Design & Programming II
CSCI4304 Computer Graphics
CSCI4305 Unix (Linux) Sys Prog & Admin
CSCI4306 Comp. Networks & Security II
CSCI4307 Artificial Intelligence
CSCI4310 Advanced Issues in Databases
CSCI4314 Multimedia Production & Dev.
CSCI4315 Human Computer Interface
CSCI4316 Cluster and Grid Computing
CSCI4320 Software Engineering Practicum
CSCI4333 Theory of Computation
CSCI4334 Algorithm Design & Analysis
CSCI4360 Computer Science Research
CSCI4370 Internship in Computer Science
CSCI4450 Databases
CSCI4550 Algorithm Design and Analysis
CSCI4800 Special Topics in Computer Sci
CSCI4898 Special Topics in Computer Sci
CSU1022 University Foundations
CSU2500 Essentials of Peer Tutoring